Esophageal and stomach cancer

Northern Florida Best Hospital GI and GI Surgery 2015-16US News & World Report Best Hospital Cancer 2015-16UF Health gastroesophageal surgeons work closely with gastroenterologists and other specialists from the University of Florida Health Gastrointestinal (GI) Oncology Center to provide a comprehensive, compassionate and multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients diagnosed with cancers of the digestive organs. They perform surgeries at UF Health Shands Hospital, recently ranked one of the nation’s top hospitals for cancer care by U.S. News & World Report, as well as one of the region’s top hospitals for gastroenterology and GI surgery.

Patients with surface cancers of the esophagus or stomach may be eligible for endoscopic treatments, offered at the UF Health Medical Lab – Medical Plaza. For patients with deeper cancers that have not metastasized (spread), UF Health surgeons offer the following procedures.

Esophageal cancer

UF Health surgeons may remove part or all of the esophagus in a procedure called a minimally invasive thoracoscopic and laparoscopic esophagectomy. In this procedure, a surgeon will make several small incisions, then insert a scope and other tools through them to remove all or part of the esophagus and pull part of the stomach up into the chest or neck.

For patients who are unable to undergo this treatment because of issues with the stomach, we may perform a colonic interposition, which pulls the colon up to where the esophagus once was.

Stomach cancer

For patients with stomach cancer that has not metastasized (spread), we offer a partial or complete gastrectomy. This procedure involves removing all or part of a patient’s stomach, depending on where the cancer is located.